Student Dissection Kit (Frog, Pig, Worm)

SKU: FPW14 Student Dissection Kit (Frog, Pig, Worm)

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The Student Dissection Kit consists of one each of the following:
  • Frog
  • Pig
  • Worm
  • 10" x " Econopan with Flex Pad (Dissection tray)
  • Dissection set for Students (Includes: Leatherette Case, Rule 150mm, Medicine Dropper, Forceps, (2) Metal Needle Holders with Chuck, Straight Needle, Bent Needle, Scalpel, Scissors (114mm). Scalpel, Scissors and Forceps made of Stainless Steel.)
  • 1 pack (10 Pairs) Small Vinyl Gloves.

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