In the Clouds: Air, Weather, & Water ~ DVD

SKU: SSD06 In the Clouds: Air, Weather, & Water ~ DVD


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Children are fascinated by science questions: Why are there seasons? Why doesn’t gravity make Earth fall into the Sun? How do plants use sunlight to make their own food? At home or in the classroom, Squibs appeals to children’s natural curiosity about their world.

Squibs DVDs set learning in motion for ages 8 and up, with short animated videos answering these and other key questions in Earth, Life, and Physical Science. Each DVD engages young learners with songs, humor, and animated characters, appealing to different learning styles while teaching important concepts required by Science Standards. The Tough Words section reinforces key terms and concepts the children need to know.

Squibs DVDs teach Science in the ways children learn best – with fun!

DVDs are for ages 8 and up.

SSD06 - Disc 6 – In the Clouds: Air, Weather, & Water introduces young learners to important science concepts. Learn about The Atmosphere, Earth’s Wind System, The Water Cycle, Gravity and Tides and more. There’s even a “Tough Words” section to reinforce these concepts. This DVD has 21 animated videos that reveal the wonders of water and how it moves. Release date 11/05.

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