Hydrometer, Salinity, NaCl 0 to 26.5% by Weight

SKU: 6611-2 Hydrometer, Salinity, NaCl 0 to 26.5% by Weight

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Hydrometers used for testing NaCl solutions (a.k.a. salimeters) are typically available in two different styles, percent saturation (0 to 100%) and percent by weight (0 to 26.5%). Both hydrometers measure exactly the same range of overall concentration for NaCl solutions; the results are simply expressed in two different scale units. The scale for NaCl percent by weight has a range of 0 to 26.5%. The high point of this range, 26.5% by weight, is the saturation point of NaCl within water. For instance, the highest concentration of dissolved NaCl that's possible in a 100g sample of brine is 26.5g of the total solution. On the other hand, the scale for NaCl percent saturation has a range of 0 to 100%. This measures the extent to which a NaCl solution is to reaching total saturation. Therefore, if a NaCl solution has reached 26.5% by weight it can be said that it's 100% saturated.
NaCl % Scale Conversion

% by Weight @ 60°F = % Saturation @ 60°F/3.7736

NaCl Range 0 to 26.5%
Subdivision 0.5
Length 280mm


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