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he POOF-Slinky 02011 Slinky Science Fingerprint Science Mini Lab Kit can turn any child into a junior sleuth by learning how to locate hidden finger impressions on doorknobs, tables, glasses, telephones, automobiles and more. This Fingerprint Science kit lets you utilize real Police and FBI methods to gather your family and friend's fingerprints. A 16-page instruction manual is included with step-by-step instructions on how to make fingerprints visible, lifting the print and how to store fingerprint information by using the included classification cards. Understand how to classify all fingerprint patterns by arches, loops and whorls. Once you understand the process, attempt the (5) different investigation activities that include Who Touched the Object, Who Stole the Cookie, Fingerprint ID Race and more. This set dives even deeper to answer some common and not-so common questions. Why do fingerprints form patterns? Can you change fingerprints? Do other parts of the body have prints? What else are fingerprints used for besides catching criminals and many more. This kit includes dusting powder, dusting brush, (3) sheets of tape squares, (8) sheets of classification cards, magnifying glass and 16-page instruction manual. This Slinky Science Mini Lab is experiment number 163 of a series of science kits that combine the elements of learning and fun to provide hours of educational entertainment. The POOF-Slinky 02011 Slinky Science Fingerprint Science Mini Lab Kit is recommended for children 8-years of age and older

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