Electrostatic Generator 200,000V (Assembled)

SKU: 10-060 Electrostatic Generator 200,000V (Assembled)

Science First

$ 189.95 

Create your own lightning with these time-tested devices that have delighted students for decades! Named after the inventer Van de Graaff, an American physicist, this machine produces low-amperage static electricity that can be "shocking" but perfectly safe. Two different pulleys inside a plastic column create and carry static charge up to the polished alumimun collector globe. You can draw out this static charge in a burst of lightning - or you can set each hair on your head on end! Our instruction booklet tells you how to raise hair; produce lightning and electric wind; experiment with St. Elmo's fire or electrostatic attraction and repulsion.


  • 200,000 volt potential, sparks to 5"
  • 45 cm high, 2 neoprene belts
  • 18 cm (7") dia oblate (.040 thick)
  • Operates in humidity up to 90%
  • 1 3/4" dia opaque PVC column

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