200mL ESD Dispenser Bottle

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ESD dispensers are designed as the perfect way to dispense alcohol, acetone, isopropanol,
ethanol, methanol, terpenes, thinners and any other liquid to be applied with a swab, wipe or cotton.

The dispenser includes a hinged lid to keep out impurities while the container is not in use
and the stainless steel parts resist the effects of strong solvents.

A precision value prevents contents from vaporizing or leaking.


  • non-hazardous
  • odorless


  • materials:
    • bottle: HDPE mixed with anti-static compound
    • mechanical pump: Stainless Steel
  • surface resistance: 10^9 - 10^11 Ohm
  • capacity: 6.76 oz. (200ml)

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