Graduated Cylinder - Glass (Student Grade) ~ 10mL

SKU: 2801A Graduated Cylinder - Glass (Student Grade) ~ 10mL

Vee Gee Scientific

$ 5.95 


SIBATA® brand, Student, Plastic Base, Single Metric Scale, Graduated, To Contain

SIBATA 2355-Series Student Graduated Cylinders meet ASTM E-1272 Class B, Style I Specifications for Classification and Tolerances. These cylinders are made of two parts: a strong, accurate glass graduate and a detachable, sturdy plastic hexagonal base which absorbs impacts and reduces breakage. All cylinders feature protective hexagonal bumper guards. 

Capacity Graduation
Tolerance Scale Approx
O.D. Height
10 mL 0.4-10.0 mL 0.1 mL +/- 0.10 mL Single Metric 13 x 177 mm

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