L- Series High Precision Scale, 600G / 0.1G

SKU: L600 L- Series High Precision Scale, 600G / 0.1G

Escali Scales

$ 72.00 


L600 High Precision

The Escali L600 High Precision scale is highly accurate, operator friendly with some of the industry's best features. This scale is a must have tool where high precision weighing is required.


Capacity: 600 g

Graduation: 0.1 g / 0.01 oz

Accurately measures in grams, ounces, grains, carats, pennyweights and troy ounces

Stainless steel removable weighing surface makes clean-up fast and easy

Sealed buttons and display for protection against accidental spills

Tare feature: subtracts a container’s weight to obtain the weight of its contents

Automatic Shut-off feature ensures long battery life

4—AA batteries included

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