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A microscope is a precise and delicate, but extremely useful tool for laboratories and home science enthusiasts. Your microscope can last for years and years when serviced properly; that's why we created this guide to help you.

Clean Microscope lenses:

To clean any glass lenses on your microscope, simply take a piece of lens paper and apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to it. Then rub the lens in a circular motion until you feel the lens is clean. To dry the lens, use a dry piece of lens paper and once again, dry in a circular motion.

Lubricating the moving pieces

Once per year any pieces on your microscope that move frequently should be removed and greased. Make sure you are very careful to not damage anything while removing the pieces and feel confident that you can put it back together after. Once you have removed a piece, it should be cleaned of any dust/dirt/grease and then have a thin layer of lithium based grease applied to it.

Keep you microscope clean and serviced, it will provide you with years of useful service!

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