How to Use San Jose Scientific's 0-14 PH Test Pen

A PH Test Pen is very useful in a laboratory, giving precise readings of a liquid's PH levels quickly and at the push of a button.
0-14 PH METER HAND HELD +/- 0.2 PH

In this post we will illustrate the basic method for using the pen and give you some common applications where this pen is used.

The steps for using the pen are really quite simple:

1. Use a Kimwipe to clean the testing area of the meter.

2. Insert the PH Pen into the solution you are testing.

3. Wait until the numbers on the display have completely stopped moving and it shows a final reading. This is the PH level of the solution you are testing, record this reading.

4. Rinse the meter in a 250ML Beaker filled with Deionized Water.

5. Wipe dry with a clean Kimwipe and place the cap back on the meter for safe storage.

Please review this video showing use of a similar meter:


Common applications include: Laboratories, Medical Offices, Veterinarian Field Kits, Classroom Use and Gourmet Kitchens.

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