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A microscope is a precise and delicate, but extremely useful tool for laboratories and home science enthusiasts. Your microscope can last for years and years when serviced properly; that's why we created this guide to help you.

Clean Microscope lenses:

To clean any glass lenses on your microscope, simply take a piece of lens paper and apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to it. Then rub the lens in a circular motion until you feel the lens is clean. To dry the lens, use a dry piece of lens paper and once again, dry in a circular motion.

Lubricating the moving pieces

Once per year any pieces on your microscope that move frequently should be removed and greased. Make sure you are very careful to not damage anything while removing the pieces and feel confident that you can put it back together after. Once you have removed a piece, it should be cleaned of any dust/dirt/grease and then have a thin layer of lithium based grease applied to it.

Keep you microscope clean and serviced, it will provide you with years of useful service!

How to Use San Jose Scientific's Pipet Pump

Pipet Pump
Pipet pumps make it incredibly easy to fill pipets with exact amounts of liquid with no spills or mess.
How to use San Jose Scientific's Pipet Pump:
  1. Simply insert pipet into detachable, cone-shaped chuck with light finger pressure

  2. To fill, grasp pump in palm of hand and rotate knurled wheel with thumb

  3. To empty rapidly, lightly press thumb on quick-release lever

  4. To empty gradually, rotate wheel

  5. Parts disassemble for cleaning and maintenance

Take a Look at this Video Showing the Process in Action:

How to Use San Jose Scientific's 0-14 PH Test Pen

A PH Test Pen is very useful in a laboratory, giving precise readings of a liquid's PH levels quickly and at the push of a button.
0-14 PH METER HAND HELD +/- 0.2 PH

In this post we will illustrate the basic method for using the pen and give you some common applications where this pen is used.

The steps for using the pen are really quite simple:

1. Use a Kimwipe to clean the testing area of the meter.

2. Insert the PH Pen into the solution you are testing.

3. Wait until the numbers on the display have completely stopped moving and it shows a final reading. This is the PH level of the solution you are testing, record this reading.

4. Rinse the meter in a 250ML Beaker filled with Deionized Water.

5. Wipe dry with a clean Kimwipe and place the cap back on the meter for safe storage.

Please review this video showing use of a similar meter:


Common applications include: Laboratories, Medical Offices, Veterinarian Field Kits, Classroom Use and Gourmet Kitchens.

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Hazardous Chemical Sourcing: It Doesn't Need to Be Hard.

Hazardous chemical sourcing online

Does your business or organization use chemicals and substances classified as "hazardous"? If so, you have undoubtedly learned that sourcing these materials is not always easy. Well, it doesn't have to be so hard for you as the purchaser to get these materials. Often it comes down to how hard the supplier is willing to work for you, to help you get what you need, when you need it.

There are logistics galore surrounding the sale and shipment of hazardous chemicals and substances, but often the suppliers of these products don't do all they can to ensure you as the buyer encounters as smooth a purchase as possible.

For example; a chemical supplier may not be straight forward with pricing, they may have a very competitive price on the item, but when you reach checkout you're suddenly hit by a "hazardous materials fee". This kind of deceptive pricing doesn't do you, as a professional any favors when trying to make a decision that is best for your organization. You're not foolish, you realize that when purchasing chemicals online you are going to encounter auxiliary fees because of the nature of the items being purchased. Who do they think they're fooling with that kind of pricing model?

At San Jose Scientific our goal is to help businesses with their scientific needs; that's why you can always count on us to have straight forward pricing, shipping and handling costs. So that when you purchase you can purchase confidently, knowing what you receive will be what you ordered, and at a price that provides value to your business.

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